I​.​N​.​C​.​H - Ça Va Chier Feat. Droogz Brigade , GQ , Dj Nix'On , Pedro , King Magnetic

by Sick Digger Recordz

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Third Single From Sick Digger " Overlords " Project // Troisième Single Du Projet " Overlords "

Also Extract From I.N.C.H " Nappage Nocturne " LP Project Coming In 2014 On Sick Digger Recordz // Tiré Également Du Projet LP De I.N.C.H " Nappage Nocturne " , A Paraitre En 2014 Chez Sick Digger Recordz

Sick Digger "Overlords" Project :
It will contain one track from each project of the Sick Digger crew (Al'Tarba, Ugly Tony, Junior Makhno, Fonka, I.N.C.H, MistaMaff, Ganjak, DJ Nix'On ...And Affiliate Like Dj Low Cut) that will be released, so this will give an little taste of what is coming up on the label. To please everybody the "Overlords" project will be free.

Sick Digger "Overlords" :
Il contiendra un morceau de tous les différents projets de l'équipe Sick Digger (Al'Tarba, Ugly Tony, Junior Makhno, Fonka, I.N.C.H, MistaMaff, Ganjak, Dj Nix'On....Et Des Affilié Comme Dj Low Cut), cela vous donnera un avant-goût de ce qui arrive sur le label. Pour faire plaisir a tout le monde, le projet "Overlords" sera gratuit.

While you are waiting, here's a few MC's that you will hear on OVERLORDS // Pour vous faire patienter voici quelques Mc's que vous retrouverez sur OVERLORDS :
Esoteric , Phil The Agony , Dirt Platoon , NEMS , King Magnetic , The Society Of Invisibles , CF (Creative Juices) , Snook Da Crook Of Dirt Platoon (In solo) , Mykill Miers , Lex Starwind (LCOB/Foundation), GQ (Nothin Pretty) , Nightwalker , Droogz Brigade , Paco , Bonnie Li , Dj Duke , Dj Djaz Of Effiscienz..... Exct.


released December 16, 2013
I.N.C.H (Sick Digger Crew) - " Ça Va Chier "
Feat. Droogz Brigade (Staff L'instable , Sad Vicious , Rhama Le Singe) , GQ Nothin Pretty , Dj Nix'On (Sick Digger Crew) , Pedro (Parazit) , And King Magnetic (AOTP)

Prod By I.N.C.H
Cuts By Dj Nix'On

Track Mixed And Mastered By Damien Pitras (1D-Music Studio) :

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GQ Nothin Pretty :

Pedro (Parazit) :

Cover Single " Ça Va Chier " Made By A.C Desha :